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Expert advice on recruitment strategies, culture, and performance management for maximum efficiency.

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As your business evolves, so should your leadership. Refine your leadership skills, align your team with your strategic vision, and navigate change effectively.

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At PeopleTeam, we're not just recruiters and consultants; we're architects of thriving business ecosystems. With a rich history of partnering with visionary entrepreneurs and dynamic teams, we specialize in crafting workplaces where leadership excels, individuals find fulfillment, and extraordinary business results are the norm.

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Justin Kathan, CEO ​RA Sanctuaries

Kate is the real MVP being able to ​balance speed and great results ​when finding and managing ​people around the globe who are ​distinct cultural fits and creating a ​remote workplace where these ​amazing talented mavericks would ​thrive. She needs few words to ​intuitively know who the right ​person is, where to find them, and ​how to engage with them. She was ​the first-hired professional and ​helped me build the company ​from the ground up, wearing many ​hats and being involved in all ​aspects of ops, marketing, finance, ​HR, budget planning, legal etc. ​Teams she built achieve results ​twice faster than any other team in ​the same industry.

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Andrew Ushakov, ​Founder Nova, ​Mastermind, Scalarr

When I moved our HQ to New ​York, we got in touch with Kate. ​My team and I were new kids on ​the block in this market, having ​no idea how to employ in North ​America, where to look for talent, ​or how to position ourselves, ​particularly in our niche industry. ​Kate has developed an effective ​talent acquisition strategy, ​shared all the templates and ​resources and helped us with ​hiring our first Talent Acquisition ​Lead. The breadth and depth of ​the tools and templates offered ​are fantastic!

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Anastasia Fediaeva, ​COO Optimized ​Marketing

Kate's People Operations ​consulting was a game-​changer, especially her ​Building Strong Remote ​Culture insights. Immediately ​after our first session, I applied ​her strategies, significantly ​boosting team engagement. ​Her clear, actionable advice ​quickly led to tangible results. ​Remarkably, within a week of ​implementing her approach, I ​was promoted to COO. Kate's ​expertise not only elevates ​team dynamics but also ​catalyzes personal career ​advancement.

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Benedict Fornaro,

D​i​rector Tasoni

Kate and I worked together on ​a couple of corporate roles for ​one of my companies, and I ​can’t recommend her enough! ​Not only did she have a unique ​ability to source, attract and ​hire the best talent for our ​niche industry, but her wise ​insights helped us make crucial ​decisions about our employer ​brand & create a steady ​pipeline of amazing prospect ​candidates. She did so in a way ​that was easy to understand ​and digest.

Strategic, consultative, and ​excellent thought partner!

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Kate, CEO @ PeopleTeam

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