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My mission is to maximise YOUR potential by helping you master hiring excellence & build a strong, thriving team that you can lean on. Through implementing my progressive hiring approaches, personalised executive coaching and strategic guidance, business leaders like you have discovered a breakthrough in high-performance across their team and ultimately, a noticeable impact on the success of their company.
Increase operational efficiency
Increase customer satisfaction
Increase revenue
Increase overall team productivity
Increase employee engagement
Increase employee motivation
Super charge employee productivity & performance
Improve diversity, equity & inclusivity
Boost employee motivation
Inject a spirit of innovation into your teams
Boost employee engagement
Drastically improve employee retention
Thorough audit & specific recommendation on how to elevate:
Employer Brand
Brand reputation
Candidate experience
Recruitment and selection
Employee engagement
Performance management
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Meet my Granny Ludmila Lapteva, Renowned teacher of Russian language and Literature in Ukraine, having 59 years of work experience as a teacher. She comes from a generation that survived WW2 (I still shudder at the horrors she witnessed first-hand), yet her pure soul is so altruistic, caring, and kind… that of an angel.
My granny devoted herself wholly to her students, her life was her work and we, her family, were integrated into it. She always found creative ways to engage her pupils (and me when I was at school age.) She understood how to create a close-knit, loving and supportive community. She knew how to unite and organise people by building connections and long-lasting relationships.

Her educational program was known throughout eastern europe. Her students went on to become politicians, successful entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers and more.

I grew up watching her build a thriving legacy by beginning with culture first. I watched this and have taken her best qualities (pedagogical passion, people skills, authenticity, and empathy) and utilised them in my teachings to help my clients build companies that thrive for generations.
I have always worked in international companies - the first ever job was at the European Business Association where I grew the community of business leaders by 50% in the first year alone (previous years growth was 15%-20%). From there, I picked up excellent communication & negotiation skills - as I had to lobby the interests of our members in political circles.
After that, I felt the urge to explore the world - call it sabbatical - and joined Emirates (the best airline worldwide) as a cabin crew.
I mastered:
  • conflict management & problem-solving (try to deal with a customer whose flight was delayed by 8 hours :);
  • flexibility & adaptability (constant travels and adaptation to different environments quickly)
  • teamwork & cultural awareness - we used to work with diverse teams of people from different cultural backgrounds(145 nationalities!). I learnt to build rapport easily and work with anyone; to join or lead a team in very little time as the crew changed with every flight.
  • And much more.
My experience
Hey, I am Kate - builder of lasting relationships, advocate for thriving company cultures, seeker of talent and fitness aficionado.
*highly skilled talent in proptech industry
I can work with $0 marketing budget, and still find you top 1%
For the past 5 years, I have been heavily involved in the startup environment - I am obsessed with creating an incredible and high-performing place to work!
Don’t just take my word for it. What are my clients saying?
CEO at Genius Call
Elvira Anikina
Kate is an absolute star. Thanks to her guidance, I was able to finally hit the 7-figure number!
One of the biggest things I learned from Kate was the importance of hiring the right people for my team. She helped me identify the qualities I needed in an Account Executive, and I hit the jackpot with an amazing candidate. They've become a rockstar on my team and have helped us achieve incredible growth.

Kate's coaching style is all about tailoring to your unique needs and challenges. She really took the time to understand my business and my goals, and provided me with actionable strategies that helped me level up and trust my people more.

Founder at Nova, Mastermind, Scalarr.
Andrew Ushakov
When I moved our HQ to New York, we got in touch with Kate. My team and I were new kids on the block in this market, having no idea how to employ in North America, where to look for talent, or how to position ourselves, particularly in our niche industry. Kate has developed an effective talent acquisition strategy, shared all the templates and resources and helped us with hiring our first Talent Acquisition Lead. The breadth and depth of the tools and templates offered are fantastic!
COO at Optimized Marketing
Anastasia Fediaeva
Thank you so much, Kate, for the Building Strong Remote Culture training! It was 100% practical, and the results came quickly: following the first session, I gained several valuable insights and implemented 3 exercises in my team that increased our engagement. By the end of the second session, I had a clear strategy for where to go, how to do it, and which tools to use. A week after I shared the strategy with our CEO, he promoted me to the COO (without ME ASKING FOR IT!)
Justin Kathan
Kate is the real MVP being able to balance speed and great results when finding and managing people around the globe who are distinct cultural fits and creating a remote workplace where these amazing talented mavericks would thrive. She needs few words to intuitively know who the right person is, where to find them, and how to engage with them. She was the first-hired professional and helped me build the company from the ground up, wearing many hats and being involved in all aspects of ops, marketing, finance, HR, budget planning, legal etc. Teams she built achieve results twice faster than any other team in the same industry.

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