The culture building package
We will create a unique culture for your remote team that increases engagement and productivity. I will walk you through a range of exercises as you progress toward the culture you envision.
Did you know that 71% of professionals would be willing to take a pay cut in order to work for a company whose culture and values match their own? This is the most effective marketing strategy for attracting TOP performers!
Startup founders, business owners and executives interested in creating an enduring culture of teamwork that fosters long-term growth and business success
Hiring managers, recruiters and talent acquisition specialists who would love to improve quality of hire and time-to-fill
Individual contributors wanting to take control of their own professional development
Anyone interested in learning more about recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and/or team building best practices
Who is it for?
We will:
  • dive deep into your individual mission and values and how they relate to the business you founded;
  • develop company values if needed;
  • align every team member on the values your company has;
  • lay a foundation of trust and well-being;
  • come up with the principles of remote communication within your team;
  • set up collaboration tools;
  • build strong sense of connection.
A culture that attracts high-caliber employees can increase revenue
Highly engaged
employess can
increase perfomance
of consumers prefer to purchase from purpose-driven brands