Elevate Your Team!

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Unlock a new level of business growth and enjoy greater personal freedom with a high-performing remote team by your side.

Exclusive Mentorship:


You can trust your team to work independently, without constant supervision. You don't have to be a helicopter parent to a bunch of grown-ups!
Your team delivers results on time or ahead of schedule, despite being in different time zones. It's like magic, but without the wands and spells!
The team takes initiative, thinks outside the box, and finds fresh approaches to problem-solving, despite the lack of in-person collaboration.
You now have more free time and can finally go on that long-awaited vacation with your family. (Or friends, or solo :)
Your team respects the company, buys into your mission, and sees you as a great leader, even though you have never seen each other in real life.
They're honest and clear with their thoughts and feedback, creating a high-performing, team-oriented space where everyone's voice matters. No need to bring a megaphone to the next Zoom call!
They're always looking to better themselves and the way they work.

I know, managing a remote team can be challenging, from communication barriers to time zone differences. But the benefits are definitely worth it:

Increased productivity

Improved work-life balance

Access to a lager talent pool

Lower overhead costs

Reduced environmental impact

The all-star team you put together!

team building
I remember starting at a remote tech startup with zero knowledge in leadership & hiring, and before I knew it, I was building a team of 60 full-timers and 40+ consultants across the globe. It was intense. But, we made it happen! Of course, I didn’t do it on my own, I had mentors and coaches, so let me be that mentor for you!
I get it! I’ve been there!
But how do you make sure everyone puts in their 100% at work?
How do you even find the right A-players to join your team?
How do you select?
How do you interview?
How do you win them over?
How do you install accountability in a remote setting?
How do you collaborate?
It can be sooooo overwhelming
Exclusive Mentor

Exclusive Mentorship: Elevate Your Team!

Introducing 1:1

You’ll learn to effectively lead a distributed team that
consistently achieves high performance.

With these tools in hand, you can confidently rely on your team to deliver optimal results.
None of what I share is based on theory, I’ll provide you with proven strategies and systems that I’ve implemented with dozens of leaders throughout my career.
Drawing from the best practices of businesses like yours, I will guide you in crafting tailored playbooks, systems, and procedures that meet the unique needs of your business.

How does it work & what’s included?

4 practical tasks
Where you can get personalized advice specific to your business

Home tasks

Unlimited messenger support

360-Degree verbal assessment

Weekly workshops + Q&A sessions


Feedback from your team, if needed


4 executive coaching session
(ICF standards)
Eye-catching job description template to attract TOP performers
Framework for effective reference checks
Framework for effective 1:1s
Performance review template
A list of 815 interview questions for EVERY competency
Team manager
OKR setting guide

What will we cover?

What kind of tooling/systems do you need at minimum? (And at maximum, if you’re ready to splurge :). You will avoid spending money on unnecessary tools and save yourself thousands of dollars.

01. Digital tools 101

Discover how to set measurable goals and objectives that align with your company's objectives and your team's individual strengths, and keep your remote team on track.

02. Set clear expectations and accountability

You'll be the Tony Robbins of motivation!

05. Promote engagement and motivation

How to use virtual icebreakers, team-building exercises, and feedback loops to create a supportive and inclusive remote work environment. You'll be the virtual Oprah of trust-building!

03. Build trust and rapport

I come from a talent acquisition industry, so we’ll dive deep into the nitty gritty details of sourcing passive candidates, attracting A-players like bees to honey, selection process and building a high-performing team culture that fosters collaboration, creativity, and excellence.

04. Assemble your dream team


If it sounds like you,
Exclusive Mentorship: Elevate Your Team
is the perfect solution!

3. If you’re ready to scale your revenue without working more.
2. If you've crossed the 6-figure line, achieving great results on your own, but are now seeking to take your performance to the next level by leveraging the strengths and abilities of your remote team.
1. Purpose-driven founders, business owners, entrepreneurs and executives interested in creating an enduring culture of teamwork that fosters long-term growth and business success. If you want to lean on your team and finally have more free time.

Results my clients experience:

increase in customer satisfaction
increase in overall team productivity
increase in operational efficiency
increase in revenue
increase in employee engagement

Are you ready to take control of your work and your life?

Lastly, there is currently a waitlist for OCTOBER 2023.
The only way to get on the waitlist is to put down a deposit.
I am so confident in the program and its benefits that I GUARANTEE a 100% refund. If you complete the program, finish your assignments, and deem it to be of no use to you, I will simply reimburse you the entire amount without any further inquiry.